Static HTML Is Facebook's Fastest Growing Application

This week's fastest growing applications include page creation tools, which are pushing aside calendar applications.

This week’s fastest growing applications include page creation tools, which are pushing aside calendar applications. The list also includes plenty of games, and you can read more about that below. If you like what you read here, you’ll love the detailed statistics tool we use to compile our rankings.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. Static HTML: iframe tabs2,528,11445,877,1113,630,669
2. MyCalendar629,88812,115,5763,595,088
3. The Smurfs & Co1,078,5863,353,2472,079,504
4. Words With Friends2,839,6866,430,3611,712,802
5. The Sims Social1,270,4972,595,4381,571,703
6. BandPage by RootMusic1,668,81431,462,1761,342,852
7. *Smiles197,9931,890,5121,213,555
8. Pages +552,3034,051,1901,200,731
9. Zoo World768,0298,648,3111,186,528
10. Cupid415,3989,631,2051,056,209
11. Hosted iFrame #390,6361,043,687880,348
12. 21 questions2,636,13120,616,045848,071
13. The Pokerist club – Texas Poker257,1762,332,796805,623
14. MeinKalender401,8736,331,917756,889
15. Profile Banner Welcome128,5463,139,305613,893
16. Are YOU Interested?789,07111,541,427600,817
17. GnomeTown285,9301,004,071593,775
18. My Calendar (Chinese)256,4514,066,736559,580
19. MonCalendrier89,1341,326,387527,933
20. Static Iframe Tab353,0667,537,895518,301

Create A Page

Taking back its position on top, Static HTML: iframe tabs accumulates a pages built and view total of 3,630,669. Not too far behind, in sixth place, BandPage by RootMusic continues to be a savior for the social networking presence of many musicians and sees a 1,342,852 increase. Pages Plus advances five places to eighth collecting a weekly growth total of 1,200,731.

Taking an impressive increase to kick off the second half of the countdown, Hosted iFrame #3 has itself a 880,348 finish. The only decrease seen in the page creation trend comes from Static Iframe Tab; the tool drops to the final position with a 518,301 total.


It seems to be a losing week for calendar apps. MyCalendar‘s 3,595,088 adds has it settling for the second position. MeinKalender and My Calendar (Chinese) both lose their top ten standings and slip to the 14th and 18th spots, respectively. The first sees a 756,889 growth total, and the latter increases by 559,580 Facebook users.

Continuing to linger in the back half, MonCalendrier drops two places but hangs on in 19th growing by 527,933 social networkers.


Social gamers are giving a number of apps a noteworthy week. With the film in theaters, Ubisoft brings us The Smurfs & Co gaming application. The newcomer has a successful first showing in third growing by 2,079,504 players. As expected, Zynga’s addicting Words With Friends is becoming a hit on the social network; 1,712,802 newly synched accounts moves it up five spots to fourth place.

Anticipation is building for the upcoming release of The Sims Social by Electronic Arts; 1,571,703 gamers are ready to begin crafting their alternative lives – a finish good enough for fifth place. RockYou rests easy as Zoo World pushes forward to ninth with a 1,186,528 increase.

Card players are flocking towards Kama Game’s The Pokerist club – Texas Poker; 805,623 Facebook users are testing their luck. Newbie GnomeTown has social networkers creating their own worlds; the Playdom developed application sees a 593,775 seven day increase.

For Fun

There seems to be quite a few happy people out there; Smiles‘ 1,213,555 grinning faces sent has it advancing to seventh. Profile Banner Welcome holds its ground in 15th place, garnering a 613,893 weekly growth total.


Coming in tenth, Cupid welcomes 1,056,209 new hopeful Facebook users. Are You Interested takes the 16th spot with a 600,817 seven day increase.

Readers, did you find yourself trying out any of this week’s fastest growing apps?