Star India Signs With Sony Ericsson; MTV Mobile Doing Well

dancesfromthahood.jpgPost New-Year’s-Day, as everyone begins to slowly roll back into their offices, MocoNews posted a “Holidays-Almost-Over” mobile update. Two interesting bits:

– TV company Star India has signed a deal with Sony Ericsson to embed its mobile TV application Plus on two Cybershot/Walkman handsets. According to MocoNews, Star already has about 40,000 customers of its mobile TV application on various Indian carriers, who downloaded it for free and pay Rs 30 (US$0.77) a month for the service. The deal includes exclusive mobile video clips for Sony Ericsson phones, though details are scarce at this point.

– MTV Mobile streams grew 90 percent in 2007 compared to 2006, while VH1 streams grew by 100 percent and CMT recorded a 252 percent surge, according to the report. The most viewed show content on MTV Mobile? The original made-for-mobile series, Dances From tha Hood.

Holidays-Almost-Over Wire: Star On SE; MTV Mobile Increase; Mobile TV Superstars?; BBC Phone-Ins [MocoNews]