7 Ways To Stand Out In A Crowd (In 140 Characters Or Less)

7 Ways To Stand Out In A Crowd (In 140 Characters Or Less)

With over 241 million active users tweeting their ups and downs and everything in between, it can be difficult to make yourself heard, let alone stand out.

Whether you’re looking to increase your business’ Twitter account visibility, or network with others who share your passions, we’ve got seven tips for you to stand out in a crowd – in 140 characters or less.

1. Develop your own voice

The best Twitter users – whether they are businesses or individuals – are those that aren’t afraid to sprinkle in some personality. They tweet in their own voice, choosing language and punctuation that reflects who they are.

As a business, you can create your Twitter voice by asking yourself what type of person your brand would be. A fun and flirty 20-something? A reliable, mature advisor? A tough, no-nonsense boss? Think about your target audience and develop a voice that would resonate with them.

Your voice can be expressed in each tweet by choosing words and syntax that reflect who you are. Think about how the language choice changes the tone of voice in each of these tweets promoting a deal, and try to develop your own voice:

“Wow, I can’t believe what a sweet deal this is!”
“This is a smart deal, for smart shoppers.”
“For a limited time only, you can enjoy a deep discount.”
“Check it out, Twitter-dudes and -dudettes: a deal just for you!”

2. Create a brand persona

The Twitter accounts that stand out the most don’t just have a voice – they have a whole personality.

Once you’ve got some idea of what type of voice you want to use on Twitter, expand your thinking to encompass an entire persona. Build a personality that covers not just what you say on Twitter, but when you say it, who you interact with, what you share, how you look and more.

This persona will inform how you interact on Twitter, and if it is clear and consistent, your audience will be more likely to develop a deep emotional connection to you.

3. Make your profile pop

Twitter isn’t all about the tweets. You have a shiny profile at your fingertips, so use it to stand out!

Your Twitter profile includes a profile picture, cover photo and background that can all be visually customized, as well as information like your bio and a link to a website.

Be sure that the visual elements of your profile are well branded. They should feature a consistent color scheme, and should all, ideally, be custom-made for your brand.

To really stand out, update these images whenever you have a new promotion or event to highlight. By refreshing your visual profile, you’ll show your followers that you’re willing to put in the effort to stay current, and you’ll give them one more reason to stay connected to you.

4. Use pictures judiciously

Twitter may appear largely text-based at first glance, but pictures generate much more engagement than text alone.

If you’re tweeting, consider when a picture would be appropriate… and include it! Since pictures appear in-stream, your tweeted images will take up more of your followers’ timelines and will stand out among the text-based tweets.

5. Share your opinions, not just links

It’s all well and good to share an interesting article you just read. You’re providing helping information to your followers after all. But if all you do is share links, you’re just one in a million… and not in a good way!

The accounts that stand out most on Twitter don’t just share links, they share their opinions of those links. They’ll either pull out an interesting quote, ask a question or share a thought, rather than just tweet the headline of the article. This shows their followers that they aren’t just spouting information – they’re looking to generate conversation.