Square Enix Releases Champ Man 15 on iOS

champ man 15

Square Enix has announced the launch of Champ Man 15 on iOS devices. The soccer management game gives players the hefty goal of successfully managing one of over 400 clubs from 23 leagues, with matches “specifically designed to enhance mobile play.”

Champ Man 15 offers up-to-date player and team information for the 2014/15 soccer season, and offers a more realistic trading market when compared to the original Champ Man on mobile. In addition, the match engine has been improved, offering “more realistic passing, crossing and defensive decision making.”

Champ Man 15 is free-to-play, and asks players to choose their country, league and ultimate team they wish to manage. Only a selection of teams can be accessed immediately for free. Others require a “Coaching Badge,” which can be purchased instantly with real money, or earned by leveling up over time.

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While playing, gamers can focus on new tactical options, including the ability to set the focus of passing, set the type and frequency of crossing, the overall intensity of their team’s offense and more. The game’s commentary system has been updated for greater variety and more realism, and new training options are available to create the best team possible. That is, players can choose areas to fine-tune on both the player or team-wide level.

Champ Man 15 is available to download for free on iOS, and is currently in development for Android. The game will be updated going forward to keep player information accurate over time, among other updates.

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