Sprout Offering Customized Facebook Bundles in 2 Weeks

Sprout, a startup that provides brands with tools for creating apps and widgets for social networks, has announced a new Facebook package for companies wanting quick turn-around on a one-stop solution to Facebook marketing. The “F3” service includes a Facebook application, Connect integration, and a Facebook Fan Page, which Sprout says it will turn around all in 2 weeks for $50k. Pitching all of these services in one easy package is a great way for any company new to the social media scene to jump in with both feet.

“With this bundle, we are offering the most aggressive pricing model available for building a robust social media program for Facebook,” said Carnet Williams, Co-founder and CEO of Sprout. “The Sprout F3 bundle offers a tremendous value for companies that are ready to take the leap into social media and want to engage fans with a fun experience while enabling them to share personalized brand messages with their friends.”

Companies will have access to tracking information, full interaction between the client site and Facebook through Facebook Connect, and a Fan Page promoting the company and application. This package also includes Sprout’s help to build the campaign, whether it be with existing assets and content or something fresh, as well as access to its Engagement Console to analyze and track the campaigns progress, see what’s working, and make adjustments as needed.

With Facebook’s launch of the new Fan Page, more and more organizations and individuals are taking advantage of the easy access to a customer base that Facebook offers. Larger companies are starting to see real results from their pages as the product continues to grow in popularity.