Spring Design Unveils Alex

Spring Design is trying to build buzz for its eReader device, Alex, which has already achieved a kind of infamy due to a law suit filed against Barnes & Noble. But at CES, Spring Design is hoping to draw attention to the device’s dual-functions: eReading and Internet access.

Like the Nook, Alex has two screens, a 3.5″ touch LCD and a 6″ E-Ink. It runs Android, has WiFi and 3G access, will cost $399, and will be available from Spring Design’s Website on February 22nd. Spring Design says it will announce where else the device will be available soon. Alex reads EPub, PDF, .txt or HTML files.

This is another high-end eReader device–CES so far has not been about easy-on-the-wallet eReaders–like the enTourage eDGe that focuses on the Web as a part of the eReading experience. “We believe Alex enables readers to transcend the printed page to an interactive multi-media reading experience; letting children browse classic picture books with music to serious students who can view videos of science experiments online on the LCD screen while reading textbooks on the EPD screen,” said Spring Design Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Eric Kmiec.