Spring Design Partners with Google

Spring Design, the company behind the Alex eReader, the eReader that faced off against the Nook in court, has announced a partnership with Google, making over one million books scanned by the search giant available to Alex eReader users.

While Google has already partnered with many other device makers and content distributors to make its book scans available, this deal is unique in that this device will access Google’s book database online. In addition to being able to download the books as EPub or PDF files directly to the Andriod-based device via an app, Alex users will be able to take advantage of the WiFi and full internet browsing capabilities of the device to actually read Google Books online.

“We are pleased to work with Spring Design and the Alex, which is an exciting new reading device, that combined with a wealth of free public domain books from Google, provides great value to eReaders,” said Brandon Badger, in a typical non-quote. Indeed, this deal does enable a cool way to access Google Books in the cloud via a dedicated eReader.