Spotify Crashes Klout

Our Twitter feed went berserk today with news that Spotify, the European music service, has finally made it to U.S. shores. Users could start signing up for the paid service today, but the free service is available by invite now and rolling out over the coming weeks.

Hoping to leverage the excitement about Spotify, Klout announced that they would offer freebie invites to its biggest influencers. Klout went down after a mad rush to the site. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez told CNet that they’d planned for 30 times more traffic and bypassed that in the first hour. Whoa. The offer should be relaunching tomorrow.Separately, AllThingsD did a story about Spotify’s marketing, including its PR strategy. The article notes that Spotify says it’s working with a PR firm, but the reporter hasn’t been pitched. Hmmm. Judging by the coverage today, their expectation that the news coverage would be “big” was fulfilled.