Spotify Just Became More Social With a Feature That Makes Sharing Super Easy

'Codes' let users quickly exchange tracks, artists, albums and playlists

'Codes' let users quickly exchange tracks, artists, albums and playlists.

Spotify today introduced a social feature called Spotify Codes, which allows users to quickly share tracks, artists, albums and playlists with their contacts and others on social media.

With Spotify Codes, a scannable picture can be accessed for each track, album, artist and playlist on Spotify. When a user scans one of these codes using the Spotify application, the associated content will instantly load for them to browse or listen to.

For instance, if two users are in the same location, one user can scan a code on the other user’s screen to instantly access the associated content. Users can also share codes outside of the app by saving scannable pictures to their devices and then sharing the pictures on social media, sending them through emails and so on. Finally, users can scan codes printed on physical flyers, posters and more.

To utilize the feature, users can load the app’s camera by going to the search tab and tapping the new camera icon to the right of the search bar at the top of the screen.

Not only do Spotify Codes add an extra social element to the Spotify experience, but they can also be used by musicians who want to quickly share their new music with fans. And brands can share Spotify Codes on social media as a new way to engage their followers.

Spotify Codes are now rolling out to its users on iOS and Android worldwide.