Spot the Necessary Objects in Mosaic Medley on Facebook


Looking to test your observational skills with a new casual game? You might try Plixl’s Mosaic Medley on Facebook. Previously released on iPad, this casual seek-and-find experience gives players a look at cluttered scenes of jumbled items and asks them to find very particular objects in each.

In each scene, players are presented with a different themed group of items, and are asked to find key items within them. For instance, players may be asked to find apples, onions or coconuts in a large collage of fruit and vegetables. Or, players may need to find beach and ocean-related items in a collage in the shape of a starfish, among other examples.

Each scene offers mastery medallions, encouraging gamers to play each scene multiple times. The necessary items may change in repeated plays, so the experience isn’t identical each time around. Users are also led through the experience via light quests, which tell them exactly which scenes to play and when.

Players can use hints to help them out while playing. These may shoot an arrow through a necessary item, trigger the appearance of a magnifying glass and a “hot and cold” version of the game, or reveal a picture of the item if the text name isn’t familiar, as examples. Some of these hints are offered for free, but they’ll eventually need to be purchased with premium currency or real money.

Likewise, players spend energy to access scenes, which recharges automatically over time, or can be purchased for instant refills.

Mosaic Medley is available to play for free on Facebook.