Sportster–Bet and Win Launches on Facebook

SportsterWin and Nordeus have announced the launch of Sportster—Bet and Win on Facebook. The sports betting game gives players the chance to make virtual currency bets on live football (soccer) events in the English Premier League, the Bundesliga in Germany, Spain’s Primera División, and other professional football leagues. In addition, users can make bets on virtual matches, the outcomes of which have been determined using real-world statistics and the game’s odds prediction engine.

Players begin with a set amount of both free and premium currency, and can begin placing bets on both virtual and live matches. Bets on live matches obviously aren’t decided until the real-world event has taken place, so these virtual matches give players something to do while waiting. Users can bet on the final score, halftime score or the over/under for the number of goals in any match, with support for 3-way bets, handicap bets and double chance bets, as examples.

Elsewhere, players can compete in groups of five players in real-time Bet Races. These are multi-round, real-time betting events, where users place bets on virtual matches in the hopes of earning the highest score. In these events, players can spend premium currency on Bet Race Packs, which contain cards that improve their chances of winning. These cards are also available for auction while playing, and may add the best score from a round to a player’s overall score, or increase the number of points a single round is worth, as examples.SportsterUsers are led through the experience via a quest system, which rewards them with free or premium currency for completing specific tasks, like betting on real matches or playing in those Bet Race events. All of a user’s betting slips are presented along the top of the screen, so players can keep track of their matches, even while in a different mode. The game also provides a help menu for users who may not be as familiar with sports betting as others.

As players continue to engage with Sportser—Bet and Win, they earn experience points and level up, receiving in-game bonuses for their account in the process. For additional social play, users can invite their Facebook friends to play the game with them, or send them free gifts containing in-game rewards. Finally, users can track their progress against other real-world players on weekly leaderboards.

“Social sports betting represents an enormous growth opportunity, but other developers have struggled to find just the right formula. With Sportster–Bet and Win, we believe we’ve found a recipe that works for social gamers, because the combination of real-world and virtual matches, plus our unique ‘Bet Races,’ means that there’s always some type of ‘action’ for our players to bet on and get the instant gratification they crave,” says Barak Rabinowitz, CEO of Win.

“There’s also a slew of social features within the game and interactive quests that make it more ‘gamelike’ than most of the other social sports betting games that have come along, so we feel Facebook gamers are going to love it.”

Sportster—Bet and Win is available to play for free on Facebook in 15 different languages.