Sports Enthusiasts Love Twitter, Obviously

Do you post about your favorite teams as you’re watching games go down? If you’re into sports and you’re reading this blog, your answer is probably yes. Hopefully you aren’t so emotionally invested in your teams that you would participate in an after-event melee though!

Oddly enough, if we use Kentucky as an example, fans appear to be more keyed up and destructive after a win than they are after a loss. It must be the adrenaline rush taking over in the former and the crushing disappointment taking hold in the latter. But either way, one thing is for sure – sports fans are committed!

Twitter has been keeping tabs on March Madness and shares the following from its blog:

Just as at the Superdome, Kentucky controlled the conversation on Twitter, sustaining a higher Tweets-per-minute (TPM) rate than Kansas throughout the game. The conversation peaked at the end, when Tweets about the Championship exceeded 30,000 TPM.


And then there are sporting events in general to consider. March Madness is huge of course, but so is the Super Bowl and any other high-stakes series of matches. Player accounts are great to follow because they often talk smack (like Shaq). For a list of validated player accounts, this guy seems to know his stuff, @Sportsin140. Or a simple search for “Sports” on Twitter gives a long list of great resources to follow, mostly news and reporters, but they offer lots of great info too!

Possibly the best way to follow a game on Twitter though is to participate in a #hashtag chat in real-time (as the March Madness folks undoubtedly did). You just need to add your team’s #hashtag to your tweet and then follow along with the madness. Nothing beats Twitter for the real-time back and forth it offers fans. Just make sure you know your stuff, because these fans will and, like the teams they support, they’re in it to win!

Have you participated in a hashtag chat about a sporting event? Did it enhance the experience for you?

(Basketball players photo from Shutterstock)

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