Sporting News Teams Up with CineSport, Zinio

Sporting News has been taking steps to beef up its online-content offerings, announcing deals with sports-programming service CineSport to integrate its video into and Sporting News Today and with digital magazine and book creator Zinio to launch Sporting News Today for all digital platforms, including the Apple iPad tablet, using Zinio’s UNITY platform.

Under terms of the deal with CineSport, Sporting News will become a CineSport national ad-sales representative, offering integrated sponsorship packages including pre-roll video, banners, and rich media, and CineSport will become the exclusive video-programming and platform provider and developer for Sporting News.

And Zinio’s UNITY platform will deliver full scoreboards, stats, rotating image galleries, sports video highlights from CineSport, and guest columns from athletes, coaches, and industry executives to all platforms at 6 a.m. daily in the form of Sporting News Today.

Sporting News also announced that daily subscriptions to Sporting News Today will cost $2.99 per month beginning April 1, which includes a 60-day free trial and provide users with access to Sporting News Today across all UNITY-powered distribution channels and platforms.

Sporting News president and publisher Jeff Price said:

Compelling sports video, including highlights, is a central part of the sports-fan experience today. CineSport is the best in the business, and we’re excited to partner with them to further enhance our offering to our digital visitors and advertisers.

Since our 2008 launch, Sporting News Today has been at the forefront of digital-news-delivery innovations. As digital reading and mobile markets continue to evolve, we’re excited to partner with Zinio, the global leader in this area, and deliver a daily, packaged, interactive experience to avid fans.

CineSport CEO Gregg Winik added:

Our goal is to create an immersive video-centric experience for the Sporting News audience. We’re thrilled to have the Sporting News sales force providing advertisers with exciting new solutions across the CineSport network.

And Zinio president and CEO Rich Maggiotto added:

Sporting News already offers an innovative way to share sports highlights with avid fans with their daily digital journal. Now they are poised to take the conversation to the next level by expanding into more interactive, personalized and global initiatives. Leveraging Zinio’s UNITY platform for content design and distribution, we share with sporting fans the great expectations they can enjoy in this revolutionized reading experience.