Splenda Mist Uses Facebook to Sweeten Marketing

SplendaMistFirstLook.jpgSplenda tapped social-networking platform Facebook for a marketing campaign for its Splenda Mist prototype, a pocket-size spray form of the sweetener, and the results were sweet: 16,000 samples distributed, 3,100 fans and 1,500 product surveys completed, AdAge.com reported.

The Facebook campaign used engagement ads to direct consumers to the Splenda Mist page, where they were allowed to sign up for a “first look” at the new product. Splenda then mined names, shipping addresses, e-mail addresses and demographic data, including gender and age range. When Facebook users signed up for a sample or became a fan of the product, it showed up in their feeds.

“Facebook offered us the opportunity not only to advertise with a brand message and a product message, but also the opportunity to solicit feedback and to have our target raise their hand and say, ‘I want to sample this product,'” Splenda group product director Ivy Brown told AdAge.com.