Spin updates video chat ‘togetherness’ platform with Instagram support and more

Image via Net Power and Light

Net Power and Light has updated its Spin “togetherness” platform on iOS, giving users new ways to share experiences with others, as though they’re in the same room. The platform allows users to share video and images with multiple people, sharing the same experience in real-time via video chat.

The app’s newest update brings Instagram support to the mix, allowing users to show off their Instagram photos, feeds and favorites with others in real-time. This joins the app’s existing support for platforms like Flickr and Facebook. In the case of HD videos, users can pause, rewind and replay videos as more people are added to the group.

Rather than relying on a user’s random availability, the app’s “Spinvitations” system allows users to invite up to nine of their friends and family to view videos, photos and other content together, at a specific time in the future.

“We launched Spin with the ambitious goal of bringing people together in a whole new way–and this update continues our commitment to refining every aspect of that grand undertaking,” a company blog post reads.

Image via Net Power and Light

Spin offers privacy controls for users, allowing their content to be tied to their “online” status. If someone wants to share some vacation photos, for instance, those photos will leave the group as soon as the owner leaves, with no uploading of content required.

Users can block people they don’t wish to connect with on Spin, and can now connect all of their email addresses to a single Spin ID to find friends faster. The Spin app supports iPad 2+, iPhone 4S+, and the generation 5 iPod Touch. The app is now available to download for free.

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