Spin the Agencies of Record: foursquare, Kaplow Part Ways

Yesterday, PRWeek wrote about Foursquare’s agency search after cutting ties with Kaplow, which it signed as AOR in October 2010. Today we received a statement from Kaplow’s president and CEO Liz Kaplow: “We have a very strong partnership with foursquare and have greatly enjoyed working with them, and we hope there will be opportunities to work together on projects in the future.”

Foursquare PR manager Erin Gleason added in a comment via email: “Kaplow was a great partner for the past year. We hope there will be opportunities to work together on projects in the future.”

According to PRWeek, the account was worth six figures annually and services included media relations and consumer education efforts.

More account changes after the jump.

Terra, a Brazil-based company that distributes entertainment, sports, and other content across digital platforms, has chosen Goodman Media International as as its global AOR. The firm will work to raise awareness of the site’s content and the company internationally.

Continental Control Systems, an electric power meter and monitoring equipment manufacturer, has chosen Red Pines as its AOR, providing support for product launches, at trade shows, working on content creation, and other services. Red Pines is a Wall Street Communications company.

Solar energy company Strata Solar LLC has chosen French/West/Vaughn as its AOR. The company is predicting a 2012 spike in growth and hiring in 2012 and demand for solar energy has increase, according to the press release announcing the win.

Lot71, a company that produces installations for luxury, fashion, hospitality, and other industries, has chosen Workhouse as its AOR. The firm will focus on special events and promotions on a global scale.