Spin the Agencies of Record

This week Spin the Agencies of Record is happy to report account wins in video gaming, electric vehicles, baseball bats, an iconic cartoon character, and semiconductors able to deliver your high-def wirelessly throughout the home (cool!):

Reverb Communications plays well with Steel Penny Games, beginning with Bruiser & Scratch for Nintendo Wii

Adamson to keep swinging for Rawlings and sister company Worth as their interactive agency of record. In the past they created a flash game for Worth, and the “Boy vs. Pinata” viral video for Rawlings

Investor Relations Group hired to drive Leo Motors’s message. Leo makes electric cars, or “EVs”

Rogers & Cowan hired to “facilitate promotional partnerships” Astro Boy, the comic superhero about to become a CG-animated film character

Calysto Communications hired to boost Celeno throughput