Speaking of Curiosity, Who’s Behind the @MarsCuriosity Twitter Account?

In case you were wondering, Veronica McGregor, Courtney O’Connor, and Stephanie Smith form the trio of tweeters behind the adorable, yet accurate Twitter account chronicling NASA’s mission to Mars. McGregor had also handled the social media efforts for the Phoenix Mars Lander in May 2008.

In the feed, an anthropomorphic Curiosity Rover uploads snapshots, videos, and updates on its whereabouts, while fielding questions from the public.

Its humor is not lost on the account’s 850,000-plus followers. Even comedian Steve Martin had a witty exchange with the automated vehicle.

In an interview with USA Today, Smith explained how she and the rest of her team balance wit with facts. “The difference between ‘I will deploy my remote sensing mask’ and ‘I’ll get my head up’ is all the difference in the world,” she said.

Tweets like this one also showcase the rover’s most beautiful photography, showing in crisp detail exactly what we’re missing on the Red Planet. (That, or the team couldn’t find any retro moon landing filters on Instagram.)

NASA’s Curiosity mission is supposed to last at least two years. Here’s hoping @MarsCuriosity continues to keep us posted.

Featured image by Yurkina Alexandra via Shutterstock.

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