Searching For Spare Olympic Tickets? There’s A Twitter Handle For That

Frustrated that you can’t buy tickets to the sold-out Olympics, even though you can see the empty seats on tv?

There’s a Twitter stream that lists these previously unavailable seats and you can snap them up if you’re quick!

The BBC reports that after being blocked on August 2, the @21012TicketAlert was just white listed with TicketMaster.

The feed is so popular (and so busy), that it recently had to start another Twitter handle @2012TicketAler2! Why is this necessary? They get flooded with so many available tickets that they exceed Twitter’s hourly tweet limits! Yep, there are THAT many tickets available.

But, as we mentioned, you have to be quick or you’ll get the “ticket unavailable” screen when you click a link:

The main thing to bear in mind is that an alert fires whenever someone posts just one or two tickets to the website for resale. When you consider that we’re talking one or two tickets and thousands trying to get them, they’re going within seconds. That means if you’re not first there (i.e. within a few seconds if that!) you won’t see them for sale and will get the “ticket unavailable” screen. It’s one of those things we can’t do anything about I’m afraid, tickets are first come first served and we can’t promise to get anyone there first – we can just give you an advantage.

A lot of people have found and bought tickets because of what we’re doing (many who have been as equally frustrated at the “unavailable” screen), it just takes perseverance and a little luck.

Let us know if you’re able to snap up some seats via these Twitter feeds! Good luck!

(Ticket image from Shutterstock)