Space Invaders Meets Twitter In A New Game Powered By Influential Tweets

Pew! Pew! If you’re a gamer from times past, or you’re a young’un with a taste for the retro, you’ll appreciate the “DataSift Invaders” game developed by social search service DataSift. It’s Space Invaders meets Twitter, in a cool mashup of the old with the new, and a great showcase of what you can do with detailed Twitter data.

It might not be the most engrossing game, but DataSift Invaders is really more of a representation of what you can do with powerful social data gathering.

The game works by sampling 0.01 percent of all real-time tweets and using sentiment analysis to move the ship at the bottom of the screen. The ship moves faster when powered by a tweet with a positive sentiment. Every time a user with a Klout score of 75 or more tweets, the ship will shoot.

Twitter avatars will start “attacking”, and you’ve got to power your ship with positive sentiments. You’ll get one point if you hit an attacking avatar, while Twitter will get a point when an avatar reaches the bottom of the screen.

DataSift put this game together mostly to highlight its innovative Twitter data gathering. They are able to measure sentiment, influence and other factors in real time, and work them into a simple game where one affects the other.

DataSift has just closed a $6 million round of funding. They are one of only two companies sanctioned by Twitter to sell tweets and data from the firehose,the other being Gnip.

Via TheNextWeb