South Koreans to be Punished for Tweeting with the North

Government officials from South Korea have warned that their citizens will face punishment if they are caught engaging with anyone from North Korea on Twitter. This statement came in response to the recent North Korean bombing of the South Korean Yeonpyeong island late November.

The Hindustan Times reports that Seoul officials have banned any interactions with North Korea on Twitter, threatening punishment if citizens are caught replying or retweeting North Korean content.

Specifically, the Justice Ministry has forbidden forwarding the North’s tweets to others or commenting on its tweets via “reply” or “retweet” actions.

There were no details about the nature of the punishment, but under South Korea’s anti-communist National Security Law, anyone caught communicating with the North can be jailed.

North Korea set up a Twitter account in August 2010 under the name @uriminzok, or Our Own Nationals.

Currently, South Korea blocks access to the North’s Twitter account and other online presences like their YouTube account. However, it is still possible for followers of the account to receive tweets through an RSS feed or by other means of automatic notification.