South Korea Wants Facebook To Improve Its Privacy Policies

South Korea has an issue with Facebook and its privacy policies. Can Facebook be blamed for users not reading the fine print?

South Korea has an issue with Facebook and its privacy policies, and they are making it known to the world. On Wednesday, the Korea Communications Commission expressed that Facebook has not adequately informed its users about how it collects its personal information, and then shares it with others.

Why is the Korea Communications Commission reaching out to Facebook now? The social media site is actually quite popular with the citizens in that country with approximately 2.3 million Facebook users logging onto the service, and the KCC is looking to protect the personal information of those citizens. The big question here is has Facebook already made an effort to inform its users of its policies in this area?

The KCC references Article 22 in their communication with Facebook. This law states the following: “If an information and communications service provider intends to gather user personal information, they shall obtain user consent.” However, this issue is covered extensively in Facebook’s privacy policy. They do make the effort to inform users when they sign up of the information Facebook collects and how it will be used once it is obtained.

How many people actually read the privacy policies and other such information of the sites and services they sign up for? Too much to read, too much legal talk that is hard to understand, and not enough time in the day to make sense of it all. It is the responsibility of the user to know what they are getting themselves into when they sign up, but it looks like the KCC wants a little bit more done for its users. The organization wants Facebook to make sure users know what is done with their personal information. Is that right? It isn’t like Facebook didn’t make a good faith effort to inform its users. They have done so by including all the pertinent information in the easily obtained privacy policy. Can they be blamed if it isn’t read? What separates the users of the social media site in South Korea from the rest of the world?

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