South Korea Wants Facebook To Improve Its Privacy Policies

South Korea has an issue with Facebook and its privacy policies. Can Facebook be blamed for users not reading the fine print?

Twitter Expands Embedded Media With New Content Partners

Twitter is making waves with its new interface. Which new content partners have joined with to embed their media on Twitter this week?

Ever Wanted To Ask A Question To People In A Certain Area? Try Askalo.

Moving to or visiting a new city can be a stressful task for anyone. Questions are bound to come up, and those questions will need answers. Askalo wants to help provide them.

Desperate Housewives Caught Smuggling iPads In China

A group of housewives tried to fight the law, and the law won in China. How much were they paid to for their walk on the wild side?

Google eBooks Adopts Whale Fail – A Tribute To Twitter?

The new Google eBookstore launched earlier this week, and it already has people talking. One of the topics is the new error page. Is it a tribute to Twitter's own error page?

How Disney is Using Their 100 Million Facebook Fans To Promote Tron: Legacy

Over the weekend, Disney hit a major milestone in the social media world as their combined pages on Facebook reached one hundred million fans. How is Disney using those fans to promote their next big blockbuster - Tron:Legacy?

Obama Latest Viral Sensation Thanks To Tonight Show Spoof

President Barack Obama has gone viral with a new web video this week with a new video spoof from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Memories Of John Lennon Flood Twitter And Facebook

Thirty years ago today, the genius that was John Lennon was silenced when Mark David Chapman shot him in New York City. However, the man still lives on today through his music and his fans.

Russell Crowe Launches Twitter Campaign For Master & Commander Sequel

Russell Crowe wants a sequel to his 2003 film Master & Commander, and he is trying to rally up his Twitter followers to help his cause. Was he successful?

Facebook Not Disconnecting Wikileaks – Yet

Wikileaks has been feeling the chill since it released a quarter of million documents just last week. Several major operators disconnected themselves from the site, but Twitter and Facebook continue to stand by the site.