Solitaire Atlantis offers Golf-style card puzzles on Facebook

Image via Qublix

Fans of Golf-style solitaire games have another option on Facebook, as Qublix has released Solitaire Atlantis on the platform. The level-based game takes players under the sea as they work to master a powerful deck of cards capable of saving the city from the evil threatening its very existence.

Each level may have a different layout of cards, but the overall gameplay is the same. Players click on cards that are one number higher or lower than the active card on the deck, revealing additional cards on the board. Eventually, players uncover special goal cards, which must be removed from the board to successfully complete that stage.

Jokers can be used as any number when other moves run out, and players will only be able to draw a limited number of cards from the deck before running out and failing a level. While Jokers are free, additional power-ups can be purchased with premium currency. These may shuffle the cards, remove two cards from the board, remove a single specific card from play, or flip all cards face up for easier progression.

Image via Qublix

Players can also gather wild cards as they play, which contain a specific number, but can be activated at the time of the player’s choosing. That is, when a long run of cards just needs a five to keep going, players can look in their inventory and spend a wild ‘5’ card to keep the streak alive.

Solitaire Atlantis is climbing steadily in popularity on Facebook. The game has just under 800,000 monthly active players on Facebook, according to our app tracking service AppData. Solitaire Atlantis is now available to play for free on Facebook.

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