SocialSphere Teams Up With DataSift for Facebook Topic Data

Social media analytics company SocialSphere became the latest entity to partner with DataSift for access to anonymized Facebook topic data.

Social media analytics company SocialSphere became the latest entity to partner with DataSift for access to anonymized Facebook topic data.

DataSift worked with Facebook on the March launch of topic data, which allows marketers on the social network to drill down into data of what users are saying about events, brands, subjects and activities, completely anonymized.

SocialSphere founder and CEO John Della Volpe said in a release announcing the partnership:

This partnership with DataSift is a game changer. We now have the opportunity to bring real-time insights from Facebook on the brands, issues and topics that people care about and engage with–making it easier for marketers to connect and communicate with their most influential audiences. The combination of DataSift’s capabilities in processing aggregate and anonymized Facebook topic data with SocialSphere’s social influencer analytics and deep domain expertise in public opinion research is a powerful value proposition.

DataSift chief product officer Tim Barker added:

Our goal at DataSift is to give companies worldwide the opportunity to gain intelligence and business value from the huge pool of information that’s now out there. I’m pleased that SocialSphere is partnering with us to provide its clients with further insights into audiences on Facebook, in a privacy-safe way.

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TopicData David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.