What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Empathica's GoRecommend

GoRecommend, a patent-pending "advocacy engine" from Empathica, helps convert consumers into brand advocates by enabling them to share positive retail experiences with their friends on Facebook, Twitter or through email. After the jump - what you need to know about GoRecommend.

GoRecommend, a patent-pending “advocacy engine” from Empathica, helps convert consumers into brand advocates by enabling them to share positive retail experiences.

After customers complete a survey on a recent retail experience, the GoRecommend engine prompts those who were happy with their experience to make an online recommendation. An automated referral process gives customers the opportunity to pass along their positive messages via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

Empathica has found that approximately four in five customers have had a positive retail experience and would be willing to promote the brand to their communities. GoRecommend facilitates sharing their retail experiences and becoming brand advocates. To date, GoRecommend is being used by more than 50 brands, and has generated over 181,000 consumer recommendations, exposed to more than 33 million individuals.

Coolest feature

GoRecommend gives brands the opportunity to insert their brand messages into customer commentary about how an experience has delighted them. For example, a casual dining brand can offer coupons for a new “refer a friend” pizza promotion or a movie theatre chain can insert trailers for an upcoming movie.

Feature rundown

  • Easy to launch and implement, with no existing social media presence necessary. Customer comments are disseminated to social networks without additional efforts by location managers.
  • Designed to build relationship equity with customers by making them brand advocates to increase brand presence on social networks.
  • As recommendations are passed from friend to friend through the social graph, preexisting relationships can be leveraged. As the average GoRecommend user has 142 friends, one recommendation has the potential for 142 brand impressions.
  • Brands can launch timely, targeted and relevant coupons.

User profile

A marketer for a multi-location restaurant or retailer that recognizes the potential of leveraging customer recommendations online.

User review

“We’ve received some really passionate recommendations from our customers via GoRecommend, and I’m continually surprised by the breadth of positive language consumers use when they share experiences online,” said John Jones, Boston Market‘s VP of Operations Systems. “It’s very rewarding to hear and see what guests are saying about your restaurant rather than just receiving a statistical report. Yet those statistics are still worthwhile, since our GoRecommend coupon redemption rate has been substantial so far. It is clear there is incremental sales potential by creating the opportunity for our guests to make immediate recommendations to a powerful social network of friends. It is definitely more than we anticipated.”


Pricing for GoRecommend is based on a cost per advocate (CPA) model. Brands pay for the service based on the number of advocates they receive per location per month.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “The GoRecommend Advocacy Engine is unlike anything currently on the market. The solution allows multi-unit retailers to qualify brand advocates and then gives customers an easy way to trumpet their positive experiences to their social networks. Competing solutions do not allow the powerful combination of authentic positive commentary from real customers with rich media brand promotions. It is truly an innovative solution to leverage the power of positive brand recommendations in a viral way via social media.”

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