Socialize, Share, Discover and Create Your PerfSpot

perfspot_logo.jpgI’ve got a brief anecdote to share before I start writing about PerfSpot. I didn’t know how I came across this site or remember clicking a link that leads to it when I was browsing the web. It just popped out of my screen and when I view it, boom! another social networking/portal waiting to get reviewed.

But I don’t find it freaky at all, just a little bit, “perfy”. And that’s exactly how I would like to describe PerfSpot, a social web portal where you can socialize, share anything, discover new things and create contents in a “perfy” and lively environment.PerfSpot lets you create your own, well Perf contents. Be it Perf pics, Perf news, and Perf sites. And to make it more interesting and not just your ordinary content portal, PerfSpot lets you share your PerfSpot to your friends, families and just about anybody you choose.

perfspot_profile.jpgPutting all these features together, you can practically categorized PerfSpot into start up page for your browser, a social network, a mashup, a web community or you can simply call it, PerfSpot.

And don’t worry about exposing too much of your personal information to anyone, as PerfSpot lets you set your own privacy level. It lets you choose which of your PerfSpot content is viewable by anyone or just by your selected friends and family members.

And lastly, to entice social interaction among members of the PerfSpot community, the site also lets you rate other members’ Perfs and likewise other members can rate your Perfs as well. You can even let others rate your profile picture.
Ok, you know the drill. You can start “Perfing” by joining PerfSpot now.