What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Scout Labs

Scout Labs is designed to help brand teams tune in to social media across the Internet. Scanning blogs, forums, Twitter, news, photos, videos, open social networks and more, Scout Labs takes all of that data, counts it, trends it, analyzes it, scores it for sentiment and extracts interesting customer quotes and emotions to present what customers love, hate, want, wish, think, and feel about a brand right now.
After the jump – what you need to know about Scout Labs.
The application in a sentence
Scout Labs a real-time social media search engine that is continuously scanning the web for the voice-of-the customer, processing the data and displaying it in a real-time dashboard.
Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Brand Mentions: Measure the number of mentions in key channels going back six months and compare data sets.
  • Brand Quality: Sentiment analysis and natural language processors on all mention types – blogs, forums, news and Twitter.
  • Visualization: Quick graphs for comparison to industry and other brands. Identify areas of success and for development.
  • Collaboration: Workflow features allowing assignment of post to anyone on the team for quick action. Also, quick save of items of note.

Coolest feature
Quotes: Natural language processors go through the data to find the most compelling quotes – an instant focus group identifying what people love, hate, wish, recommend, etc about any brand, keyword or string of keywords.
User profile
Scout Labs is designed for use by extended teams across an organization – marketing, product, support, PR, operations, senior execs, legal. Everyone can tune in, collaborate and jump into conversations with customers.
Priced by number of concurrent searches. Just about every package includes unlimited data and unlimited users. There is no advertising on the site, so no outside marketing affects customer use.

Compared to competition
According to the company, “Intuitive UI, unlimited data returned to an unlimited number of users and ad hoc searches.”
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