Social Productivity App Carrot Lets You Set Rewards for Friends and Family

Carrot is a new app that is seeking to add some social fun to your list of tasks and chores by letting you set rewards, or Carrots, as motivation for things you want other people to do. You can also reward yourself for being productive, but you probably already do that. Don’t you?

The app is very social. You can easily browse trending Carrots to see what others are reaching for – like some exercise for a trip to the spa. I especially like the app’s sample Carrots on their website: “When my son finishes reading 5 books, I’ll buy him a Kindle!” Can I get a Kindle too? The app claims to get merchants to help you reach your goals:

We will line up merchant sponsorship and discounts to make that reward even sweeter. How about getting healthier with exercise daily, and getting a new pair of running shoes with merchant sponsored discount?

The app ‘s next update will likely include group motivations so you can set team oriented tasks to compete for Carrots ( for the A-type personalities).