Social News Site Allvoices Acquired by Datran Media

Social news-sharing site Allvoices will lend its voices to technology and marketing outfit Datran Media following the announcement Wednesday that the latter acquired the former.

Allvoices has more than 460,000 contributors — which it divides into stringers, reporters, and anchors — and the site averages some 10 million monthly unique visitors. Its Automated Newsroom collects content and presents it in a multimedia format, with each story optimized for search engines and social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

Datran uses solutions for digital audience measurement, advertising, customer-relationship management, commerce, and monetization to help its advertisers and media partners understand, reach, and engage digital audiences.

Following the closure of the deal, financial terms for which were not disclosed, Allvoices founder and CEO Amra Tareen will become senior vice president of strategy for Datran. Allvoices senior VP and general manager Aki Hashmi and chief technology officer and VP of engineering David Warthen will remain on board to lead the Allvoices team, and the remainder of the Allvoices team will maintain their roles and titles.

Datran said it acquired Allvoices in order to enter the social news category, to extend the Allvoices crowdsourcing platform into categories beyond news, to enhance the Allvoices offering to its contributors and users by integrating its Audience Intelligence platform and Distributed Content technology, and to enhance its software licensing business with the addition of crowdsourcing technology for publishers and brands.

Datran chairman and CEO Patrick Vogt said:

We are very excited about the Allvoices acquisition, which provides us with tremendous access to talent and technology. The integration of socially generated content with our existing audience intelligence and content distribution allows us to provide solutions to our customers that address engagement, relevance, efficiency, and a level of audience intelligence unparalleled in the industry. The customer-centric brands we work with share a common belief that intelligent audience-driven marketing is the key to effectively connecting with fans, subscribers, and customers. Integrating Datran Media’s analytics across Allvoices now makes it possible for many millions of individuals to engage in ways that would not otherwise be possible. Obviously, this is a great benefit to our advertising partners, as it ensures the best audience reception and marketing results.

Tareen added:

On behalf of our contributors and the entire staff at Allvoices, we are excited to become a part of the Datran Media team. The enormous value we will deliver together for our customers greatly eclipses what either company could have driven individually.

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