If Social Networks Were Dinosaurs… [INFOGRAPHIC]

They’re nowhere near extinct, but what if social networks actually were dinosaurs? Can you take a stab at which ancient beast Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest would be?

According to one rather imaginative graphics designer, all of our favorite social networks have a scaly counterpart.

Reddit – also known as the front page of the internet – would be a Pterodactyl, that great beast flying high above all else. It covers a vast area (just like Reddit covers so many topics), and it often, um, defecates on those below if they’re not careful. Truly an awe-inspiring and dangerous beast.

Moving on the Twitter, we see that its dinosaur doppelganger would be a Triceratops. From the infographic:

“This giant is often found in herds. It has a following and goes in most places in groups. It followes each other and is always in constant communication.”

A pretty accurate depiction of Twitter, if you ask me. And going even further to describe hashtags and shortforms Twitter’s version of a Triceratops “mating call” is pretty hilarious!

Check out the social media dinosaurs infographic in its entirety below for some laughs (click to enlarge), and don’t forget to scroll down to see which network has now become a fossil (hint, it’s MySpace. No surprise there):

(Infographic courtesy of Uvavi.com; Dinosaur image via Shutterstock)

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