Social Networking + Fanaticism = SuperFan

SuperFanLogo.jpgHarvard MBA Rick Marini took the idea of social networking and the idea of fanaticism and combined them to form SuperFan, which lets users connect and compete for the status of SuperFan of music, celebrities, TV, movies, characters, sports, video games, books, brands, schools and places.

SuperFan said users can “put their fandom to the test” by creating and taking trivia quizzes and setting up head-to-head battles. The site also integrates with other social networks.

The site’s board of advisers includes Napster and Rupture founder Shawn Fanning; F’d Company and AdBrite founder Philip Kaplan; WonderHill and Tickle founder James Currier; and Blake Commagere, creator of the Causes, Vampires and Zombies apps on Facebook.