Social Network Marketing Tool Tag Biz Adds Facebook Applications

Social network marketing or the more broader social media marketing has been picking up since the popularity of social networks started to grow. More online businesse ntities are focusing their marketing campaign towards the more client-centric social networks. One of these social networking tool that recently launched a Facebook application is TagBiz.

Founded in 2007, TagBiz has been developing suite of tools that will allow business to expand their marketing efforts into social networks. Their Facebook application is one such tool which took advantage of the Facebook API to come up with a business marketing application that allows you to promote your business within the TagBiz directory and your Facebook network of friends.

The TagBiz Facebook application lets you create a business card which you can personalize and attach to email-messages or embed on your Facebook profile. Those are certainly sure fire ways to boost your business presence. In addition, TagBiz also lets you automate networking activities by allowing you to place custom business keyword tag cloud on your Facebook profile as well as on the profiles of you friends, provided that they have joined your TagBiz networks. These keywords link back to your own Tag Biz profile.

Tag Biz is pretty much a simple Facebook application that fulfills useful and important functions – establish business contact, promote your services and build business networks within your Facebook circle of friends.

If you are a social media marketer, you’ll definitely find Tag Biz a useful application worthy of a few minutes of your time for the application to be installed on your Facebook profile.