Social Network Advertising Is Hot

According to a PaidContent article from yesterday, has received $1 million in funding from a number of reputable VC firms. All I can say is that the advertising market on Facebook is pretty hot right now. As the other social networks begin to open up their platforms, this is going to become an increasingly hot market. I have written about a number of advertising platforms on Facebook and there are no signs of slowing. It’s a whole new landscape out there when companies are receiving significant funding to piggy back off of these other startups.

I find it particularly interesting that Google AdWords hasn’t entered the Facebook application advertising market yet. According to one of my contacts, Google’s involvement in the platform is prohibited by the terms of service. I haven’t seen anything to suggest this. Do you think Google will enter this market? All signs suggest that they want to own online advertising. Perhaps their agreement with MySpace would be a conflict of interest. I think they’ll definitely be there to be the premier advertising platform when MySpace launches. This is all speculation of course. Do you think Google will get involved?