Social Media Will Eat Your Time & Blogging Isn't Social Anymore

I probably have one of the most unproductive jobs on the face of this earth. I constantly surf the web looking for content that is interesting and occasionally entertaining. The only problem is that if I find something entertaining, I immediately get sucked in and my entire mission of finding and writing about content gets sidetracked. As such just as my daily life is, this post is going to be a manifestation of A.D.D.

There are now a few top bloggers who can suddenly suck up an entire section of Techmeme to participate in the conversation and make that the news for the day. If Microsoft isn’t acquiring Yahoo, then Mike Arrington ought to be acquiring somebody. So let’s talk about it for a couple days and post videos about it. 24 hour news killed television and I’m starting to think that blogging is turning into the same thing. We are all becoming masters at talking about the same thing over and over again.

This is what killed the T.V. media and I’m guessing that it will kill blogging as well. At some point blogging became about money and the top blogs realized more content=more visitors=more money. I can’t complain because I’ve tested out the model successfully but as Howard Lindzon indirectly concludes, blogging has hit its max. Two years from now it’s going to be pretty much the same thing.

As others have concluded, blogging has lost the fun it once have. I am having a lot of my conversation on Twitter now and I gotta be honest, it’s pretty awesome! The blog is a great place to post my crazy thoughts (such as the one in this post) but aside from that I’m beginning to think it is better to talk where the conversation is happening then trying to force the conversation to come to you.

Then again, I don’t plan on giving up on this blog. Enough of my rant … what do you think the future of blogging holds? Why do you (or don’t you) blog?