3 Social Media Tools to Solve All Your #FirstWorldProblems

From the practical to the nonsensical, we've got three new ways to make your social media life easier.

It’s not exactly digging ditches, but keeping pace with social media is hard work. From staying up to date with your feeds to fighting for clicks to framing the perfect selfie, there is a lot to be done and only two thumbs to do it with. Luckily, tireless developers are here to help solve some of our most pressing problems with various social media tools

Problem: I forget to read all the links I want to read in my Twitter feed.
Solution: Twitter has become a curated RSS feed for a lot of people, but tweets are only 140 characters for a reason. If you find you’re constantly favoriting longer reads on the go but never going back to them, try Hubbble. 

Hubbble is a new service that sends a you a weekly digest email of all your favorited tweets that contain a link. Founder Ahmad Salman told ProductHunt that he created the service after friends asked for a script he had made for himself, the same origin story of another favorite online clutter-management tool.

Problem: Other people are too lazy to open the link to my SlideShare.
Solution: Entice your audience with an extended, animated preview of your presentations as a GIF. GifDeck is a simple copy-and-paste tool that converts SlideShare presentations into .gif files. From there, you can drop the file directly into an email or tweet. Great for previews or quick overviews — we’re looking forward to watching journalists and data companies have a field day with this one.

Problem: Taking a selfie doesn’t feel silly enough.
Solution: Two words: Selfie Brush.  This possible sign of the apocalypse not only ensures a flattering angle for the next pose you strike, it also offers headphone access and volume control. Thank goodness!