Social Media Myths Debunked

“Word of mouth is the single most important thing we do in marketing,” said Curtis Hougland, founder of Attention, during the Social Media Week panel “Social Media Myths: You Did WHAT? In Social Media?” (their punctuation, not ours). Most important, that is, other than facilitating sales.

Sitting on stage with execs from Percolate, Morgans Hotel Group, and Barbie, Hougland and his fellow panelists talked about a number of topics. Here are a few of the tips and ideas that the audience walked away with.

-The importance of links. Hougland stressed that the distribution of links through social media and even in your pitch is critical. According to Hougland, you shouldn’t send an e-mail without a link. Ever.

-While rules for social media measurement are still being fleshed out, some of the metrics and measurements available now not only show results, but also lead to other results.

Lauren Bruksch the director of marketing for Barbie discussed how the sheer number of fans, and the number of fans that are attracted to Barbie’s partners, impact business. “Quantity matters to us,” she said, and can be instrumental to getting other partners.

The Barbie web program Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend (clip above) is number three on Hulu, according to Bruksch, and this was all through digital promotion.

-Consider beefing up your social media team. Hougland lamented that even when there’s a ton of online traffic, there will be just one person (“some dude”) who’s running the social media operation as a community manager.

-Content is everywhere. Context will be important in 2011.