What Exactly Is Social Media Intelligence?

If you work in marketing or advertising, you take for granted that gathering or analyzing social media intelligence is an integral part of your job.

But if you take a step back and ask, “What exactly is social media intelligence?” it can be a helpful exercise in examining what to do with the intel gleaned and what the point is of collecting it in the first place.

The graphic below from New Brand Analytics breaks down social intelligence into four clean quadrants.

Bookmark it for future reference:

Let’s take your company or brand’s Twitter account as a use case: you 1. collect and review customer complaints, reviews, and questions on Twitter by closely following your Twitter handle, mentions of your company without its handle, and any related searches; 2. take immediate action by responding to guest questions and issues via Twitter and distributing any feedback to the appropriate operators; 3. take a look at the larger picture of your company’s performance on Twitter – what times of the day garner the most engagement, the trend pattern of your increase in followers, when and why followers drop off, etc.; and 4. make changes to both your Twitter strategy and business overall based on these insights.

Is there anything not mentioned that constitutes social media intelligence for you?

(Source: New Brand Analytics. Human brain image via Shutterstock.)