Social Media Best Practices: 5 Tips for Sochi 2014

Around 3,000 athletes from 80 national teams will complete in 98 events as Russia tries to make a good impression internationally.


Social media professionals are all about Sochi this week. The 2014 Winter Olympics take place February 7-23 in Sochi, Russia — the first Russian city to host the Winter Olympics.

The Russian venue has been controversial, with many politicians boycotting the Olympics for Russia’s human rights record. Thus, brands must pay careful attention to their social media strategies. Sandra Fathi of Affect PR shared with us five social media tips to keep in mind throughout the Winter Games:

1) Be mindful of Olympic trademarks. Ensure your content is not violating any copyright issues.

2) Be respectful of the Olympics’ massive, global audience. Only insert your brand into the conversation when you really have something of value to add, and if the conversation isn’t too sensitive.

One person (brand) to learn from is Kenneth Cole, fashion designer and infamous Twitter provocateur. Cole angered the Internet when he hijacked the #Cairo hashtag during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011:

3) Know how the hashtag is being used. Be aware of the overall tone of the conversation you choose to engage in.

4) Connect your content with your brand’s message. As a business, it’s essential to engage in conversation that is relevant to your audience. Otherwise, you may lose followers.

Once again, Kenneth Cole provides the best example of what not to do:

Cole’s brand also made light of gun control legislation by referring to the “right to bare feet.”

5) Be timely. Enforce real time marketing (RTM) to get the most mileage out of your posts.

If you have any tips of your own to add, please share in the comments.

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