Christie Barakat

Tips for Searching in Google [Infographic]

There are several ways to zero in on a search query and narrow down your results beyond Google's own tips.

Accused Murderer Asked Siri Where to Hide the Body

Twenty-year-old murder suspect Pedro Bravo asked Siri where to hide a body on the night his roommate went missing.

Internet Trolls Cause Zelda Williams to Quit Instagram and Twitter

Robin Williams' daughter deleted the apps after trolls tweeted offensive, Photoshopped images of her late father.

Infographics Are the Selling Point of New Q&A Site Blopboard

Blopboard hopes to fill a void in Q&A sites with sleek visualizations of the Internet's collective conscious.

Top 10 Tablets of the Summer [Video]

Check out this guide to learn more about the best tablets on the market today.

HP’s New TV Ad is Made Entirely of Vines

Vine, Instagram and Snapchat stars are being paid well to influence audiences for brands.

Anomo App Serves Ads to Anonymous Users

Hulu, Universal Pictures and are among the companies using masked social-sharing platforms to target anonymous users.

US Tech Firms Support Facebook in Gag Order Case

In a court submitted document, the firms said it was "far from clear" that the Facebook gag order had served a compelling government interest.

Nearly Half of Americans Never Unplug

Forty-three percent of Americans reported that they never unplug from personal technology.

New Google Font Noto Aims to Represent All Languages

Google's Noto font currently supports 100 scripts, 100,000 characters and over 600 written languages.