What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a full range of social media monitoring tools and services. It cleans and analyzes brand coverage; is designed to find insights, prioritize actions, respond and engage, and supports user-created reports and dashboards.After the jump — what you need to know about Brandwatch.

Brandwatch is a full range of social media monitoring tools and services. It is used to clean and analyze brand coverage to find insights, prioritize actions, respond and engage with user-created reports and dashboards.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

The purpose of Brandwatch is to provide a system with a single, complete view of social media with relevant, clean data and actionable insights to actively respond and engage with customers, and write up quality, meaningful reports. The goals are:

  • Stronger, wider brand social presence
  • Satisfied and appreciative customers
  • Better understanding of market and competitors
  • Product development aligned with customer needs

Coolest feature

The “Chart” feature is designed to display data intuitively and attractively. It shows mention volume broken down by days/weeks/months; sentiment or different site groups or page-types; and breaks it down further with another dimension through stacked bar charts.

Feature rundown

  • Bulk-tagging and automatic categorization
  • 14 languages
  • Automated sentiment system trained in hundreds of different industries
  • Facebook/Twitter engagement directly from within the app
  • Weekly updates with new features and enhancements

User profile

Users ranging from in-house brand marketing teams and medium-sized digital agencies to large media agencies and research companies use Brandwatch for Social CRM, market research, online reputation management and marketing programs.

User review

“Brandwatch servicing is second to none and they constantly improve on what we are trying to do, thinking ahead of us, and supporting behind us.” — Matt Bamford-Bowes, The Brooklyn Brothers

Recent news

At the end of 2010, Durrants, invested in Brandwatch, enabled the company to expand its current offer in the US and extend its service to cover Russia and China.


From $600/month: Includes unlimited users, product training, multi-lingual customer support and full access to all products and services.

Compared to competition

According to the company,

“Quality data: Our filters prevent spam and duplicates from cluttering up your data. Our powerful tagging and categorizing system gives you maximum control over your data, allowing you to turn large amounts of data into meaningful insights quickly and easily.

“Intuitive Interface: The interface is clear and intuitive making it easy to navigate around the platform and find the insights you need.

“Flexible: We build and provide bespoke solutions customized for particular needs — pre-written analyst reports, API integration, desktop widgets and anything else that may be required.”


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