Social Media Activity Could Aid Female Entrepreneurs

Wednesday night, Makovsky & Company and its client Women 2.0, a group dedicated to increasing the number of women in the tech startup space, hosted an panel discussion titled, “Do Women Dominate the Web?”

Going into it, we joked on Twitter that, certainly, women do. But actually, in terms of owning and launching tech businesses, that isn’t the case.

The women on the panel, which included Dina Kaplan, COO and co-founder of and Joy Marcus, partner with the VC company DFJ Gotham Ventures, told many tales of being the only woman in the room, and being treated differently because of it. At one point, Kaplan said she had to remind a guy, puzzled by a car commercial during women’s programming, “Women don’t just buy tampons. They also buy cars.”

However, a recent study backed by American Express showed that female small business owners are more likely to use a social media platform than men (43 percent versus 47 percent). And another survey by Rebtel shows that women are more likely to use social media to keep in touch with others than men (who are more likely to use the phone).

Jason Fryer, head of small business services at Amex says the results from that first study (done in Australia) show that women “are more focused on putting these tools to work for them” than men.

Taken together, women’s active use of social media could have positive business repercussions in the not-so-distant future.