The Social Marketing Compass [GRAPHIC]

Digital design agency JESS3 teamed up with media strategist Brian Solis to create a special social marketing graphic for his book, Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web.

The team sought to create something that would provide brands with a physical guide and measuring tool for interacting effectively online with customers, peers, and influencers. They examined who the key players are in social marketing, where the communication is happening, and to what end.

Check out what they came up with, below.

Just as a compass does, the graphic provides navigational direction to marketers seeking a guide through the brambles of the Internet. We think it turned out pretty great.

Have you seen any other nifty marketing graphics recently? Share below.

(Image via Shutterstock, graphic via JESS3)