Social Gaming Network Bulks Up

The battle continues to become the leader in the social gaming space. There was a lot of debate over the weekend surrounding Fred Wilson’s claim that the Social Gaming Network is not a legitimate competitor to the Zynga gaming network. Tonight, Erick Schonfeld has posted that the Social Gaming Network has added Jetman and Free Gifts to their gaming network. This is not an acquisition but instead a partnership.

That’s not where it ends though. The drama is heating up as Caroline McCarthy emphasized last week. Following Schonfeld’s post which included a statement from Shervin stating “If you want to be a developer platform, you probably shouldn’t be copying developers’ games. If you want to compete with them, fine. That is why they are joining us,” Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga, sent in a message contesting Schonfeld’s post:

Wow erick.

A) you give them credit for traffic they don’t even own
B) you won’t give us credit for traffic (clz apps) we do actually own.

Do you even care how hypocritical sherwin is to accuse me of copycat games when he copied free gifts on bebo and risk on fb? Getting the irony? He is partnering with an app he literally copied in december while accusing me of this?

Erick, with all due respect I’m wondering if you work for sgn now?

There is a ton of drama stirring. While it may not all be justified, the highly competitive duo are each working to build gaming empires on the back of Facebook applications. It’s a high risk scenario and in high risk situations tempers flare. I’d expect the drama to continue.