Social Gaming Companies Converging On San Francisco

-Playdom and Playfish Logos-This week two of the largest social gaming developers, Playfish and Playdom, announced that they are opening offices in San Francisco. Is this part of the massive Silicon Valley “revival” that the BBC described yesterday? I doubt it but it’s clear that no matter where the social gaming companies are hiring from, San Francisco and the bay area in general, are important for any growing internet startup.

At an event in Washington, D.C. today, Shervin Pishevar of Social Gaming Network explained to an audience of entrepreneurs and government decision makers how he had built a network of developers from around the world, the minority of which were based in the bay area. No matter where the developers are, social gaming startups are clamoring for more of them however San Francisco is still a center for attracting top software engineering talent.

As the quality of social games increase, development needs are increasing as well. Despite the down economy, venture money continues to pour into bay area internet startups. Well, that’s true at least if you base the “surge” in investment activity a single conference that’s focused on new startup ideas (Techcrunch 50) being sold out. Also if you interview a number of optimistic valley entrepreneurs then the overall technology economy must be doing well, right?

I think it’s pretty obvious that I partially disagree with the BBC’s analysis of the Silicon Valley economy however that’s not the point of this article! If you are a developer that’s looking for work you should give both Playfish and Playdom a call!