Social Connecting for Family and Friends at Famzam

famzam_logo.jpgBefore I bore you with yet another feature on another social networking startup, let me just say that the next social networking site that I am going to write about is not really a social networking site. It would rather be called a “social connecting site.” Hopefully before this article is through, we would have understood the reason why Famzam is a social connecting site rather than a social networking site. Read on.Famzam is a new web 2.0 inspired sites that hopes to put a spin on the traditional social networking site by emphasizing on Family. Meaning, you don’t use Famzam to meet new friends and socialize with unknown people.

Famzam gives you a platform to connect with friends you already know as well as to communicate with your family members, the web 2.0 ways. Famzam basically lets you create a separate network for your family and another for your friends.

Aside from letting you create a separate network for your family and for your friends, Famzam pretty much lets you do other usual web 2.0 stuff that goes in the line of social networking.

Famzam lets you:

  • Store and share photos,
  • Start your way into blogging,
  • Have access to your personal calendar to mark down friends and family members’ birthdays and important events,
  • Create, store and share recipes,
  • Private messaging – what good is a social networking without this feature, eh?
  • Shopping – Granted that this is not a new feature anymore, Famzam however has two proprietary stores, Gifts and Flowers. And this gives Famzam members two good shopping options online.

You know the drill, sign up and create your account at Famzam, and start socially connecting to your friends and family.