70% Of Fortune 500 CEOs Have No Social Presence [REPORT]

Do CEOs tweet? Mostly…no.

The vast majority of Fortune 500 CEOs aren’t that fond of social media (other than LinkedIn) – but there are some exceptions.

If you’ve been following Twitter-lebrity news lately, you’ll know that Rupert Murdoch has taken the Twitter world by storm since signing up in January. However, he is one of only a few Fortune 500 leaders who takes the time out of his day to send 140 character sound bites.

According to the 2012 Fortune 500 Social CEO Index report from CEO.com, only 19 CEOs from the world’s top 500 companies use Twitter (or have someone use it on their behalf) – and only 9 of these are active.

Rupert Murdoch has the second-most number of followers among his business tycoon peers with 237,000, coming close to HP’s Meg Whitman’s leading 243,000 followers. And Jack Salzwedel of American Family Insurance holds top spot in terms of the sheer number of tweets with 1550.

And Warren Buffett has amassed a staggering 100,000 or so followers with only a single tweet to his name.

Other takeaways:

  • 129, or(25%) of Fortune 500 CEOs use LinkedIn
  • 38 (7.6%) of the CEOs have a Facebook account – and only 2 have more than 500 friends
  • Only 4 CEOs use Google+ (one of whom is, of course, Larry Page)
  • None of the CEOs are on Pinterest
  • 70% of CEOs have no social media presence whatsoever

You can watch a video of the report’s most interesting findings below, or read the whole thing at CEO.com.

(Confused CEO image via Shutterstock)