Announcing The Social Ad Summit 2009

Last year we hosted the inaugural Social Ad Summit in New York City. The event also happened to be hosted on the same day that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy and the markets began to slide downward. Despite turmoil around the corner on Wall Street, 250 people still managed to get together to discuss the future of advertising on the social web (although many were hopping in and out of the event to see if sky had fallen).

While not nearly as important as a global financial crisis, the conversation was important for an industry still trying to figure out the most effective monetization models. Since then we have seen the rapid convergence of social and mobile technologies as well as ongoing growth in the social gaming space. Both areas have turned out to be extremely lucrative for many developers.

This is why the 2009 Social Ad Summit will be exploring whether or not virtual economies and mobile platforms are the future of social advertising. We will also explore a few case studies of how brands have attempted to co-exist in the current environment and what best practices those companies have learned. The event will be hosted on Monday, October 5 at the same venue as last year, Tribeca Rooftop in New York City.

We decided to host it here one more time and limit the total number of attendees to under 250. Our first invites will be going out today and we’ll begin announcing speakers in approximately one week. All of last year’s panels and speakers are up on the Social Ad Summit website. If you don’t receive an invite and have an interested in attending, simply fill out the form on the Social Ad Summit homepage and we’ll be sure to consider you for attendance. There will be substantial discounts for the next week prior to our first speaker announcement.