The @SochiProblems Twitter Account Has 100k More Followers Than The Official @Sochi2014

The @SochiProblems Twitter Account Has 100k More Followers Than The Official One

The Sochi Olympics have been blowing up on Twitter, with athletes tweeting horror stories and journalists tweeting… pretty much the same.

With all of the negative attention, it’s probably no surprise that a parody Twitter account is making waves. What might be surprising is just how polite – and popular – the account is.

The @SochiProblems Twitter account has amassed a whopping 343,000 followers, just a week after launching.

But it’s not your average, vitriolic parody account. Nope, this one is run by a polite Canadian – and its tweets are proof.

The account asked followers which athletes and countries they were cheering for, for example, and retweeted this very kind reply:

And while it does tweet about some of the many problems that have plagued the Olympics thus far, including the stray dogs, and, the account prefers to share solutions, not just problems:

And, of course, the account tweets some of the funnier slip-ups made by the Olympic planners:

And it looks like the people are on board with “Canadians try[ing] to put a positive spin on everything”: the account’s 343,000 followers eclipse the 242,000 followers that the official @Sochi2014 account has accumulated.

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