Will Soap Opera Social Games Take Over Britain?

It might not sound like an intuitive pairing, but Britain’s ITV thinks it’s found the perfect match for social games: a soap opera. And not just any soap opera at that. Britain’s Coronation Street will celebrate its 50th anniversary in digital style, as a new social game on Facebook and ITV.com. Read below the jump for more details about this odd couple.

The new game is dubbed “Corrie Nation”, and it will allow players to immerse themselves in the drama-laced world of Coronation Street. Players will be able to build the town of Wetherfield, adding avatars of their favorite on-screen personalities and choosing tasks for them based on what they think they should be doing on-screen.

As The Guardian notes, the release of this soap opera-inspired game is an attempt to reconnect users with the Coronation Street brand on a variety of platforms, as TV execs watch their audience fragment. Social gaming appears to be a front they think they can win.

This is also a move to attract a younger generation to the long-running soap. Coronation Street is not a natural fit for 16 to 25 year-olds, the generation that plays social games. Bridging the gap is an ambitious project, but social gaming is a promising first step – as long as the game respects the canon and style of the soap itself.

There have been other attempts to bring TV and silver screen franchises to social gaming with mixed success. If ITV can pull this off, it might just create a game that brings in revenue on its own, while also hooking a new generation on the addictive cliff-hangers and temporary amnesia of soap operas.

The new game will be launched by ITV, Britain’s oldest television broadcaster and produced by ETV Media’s social gaming subsidiary Enteraction.

Image courtesy of The Guardian